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Underground Railroad Station in Milwaukee



Milwaukee, WI

Forest Home Cemetery

DESCRIPTION: African American leaders buried here include Civil War hero John Miles; The Halls of History building includes information on several prominent African Americans such as Miles, William T Green and Ezekiel Gillespie

ADDRESS: 2405 West Forest Home Ave  MAP

PHONE: 414-645-2632

Underground Railroad Station Historical Marker
DESCRIPTION: Carolyn Quarelles Watkins, a runaway slave from St Louis, was hidden on the Samuel Brown farm formerly at this location; from there she and others eventually found their way to freedom in the province of Ontario, Canada; today the Fony Farmer’s Market is nearby

ADDRESS: North 17th Ave at West Fond du Lac Ave  MAP

Madison, WI

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
DESCRIPTION: One of the largest collections of African American periodicals and archival material in US; numerous documents on CORE, SNCC, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the NAACP papers of Daisy Bates; linked to the University of Wisconsin at Madison

DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Thu 8a-9p, Fri-Sat 8a-5p

ADDRESS: 816 State Street  MAP

PHONE: 608-264-6534

Kenosha, WI

Kenosha County Historical Society Museum
DESCRIPTION: Extensive collection of documents covering the Underground Railroad; walking tours of Underground Railroad stations

DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Fri 10a-4:30p, Sat-Sun 2p-4:30p

ADDRESS: 6300 Third Ave  MAP

PHONE: 262-654-5770

Underground Railroad Homes
DESCRIPTION: Homes in Kenosha that served as Underground Railroad Stations

ADDRESSES: Deacon Joseph Qualis barn at 6306 8th Ave  MAP

Pastor Deming’s at 426 Park Ave  MAP

Deacon Smith’s at 109 Congress Street   MAP

John Bullen’s at 6027 7th Ave

PHONE: 800-654-7309

Janesville, WI

Lincoln Tallman House
DESCRIPTION: Underground Railroad Station; 20 room brick house includes hiding places in basement, attic and roof

ADDRESS: 440 Jackson Street  MAP

PHONE: 800-487-2757


Milton, WI

Milton House
DESCRIPTION: This home was an Underground Railroad Station built in 1844 by Joseph Goodrich; he was a friend of Sojourner Truth

ADDRESS: 18 South Janesville Street  MAP

PHONE: 608-868-7772


Beloit, Rock County, WI

Steelworkers Union Hall
DESCRIPTION: Underground Railroad Station, formerly a 26-room Carpenter Mansion

ADDRESS: 1620 Shore Drive  MAP

PHONE: 800-423-5648

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