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Helpful merchant at Africa Mama, Seattle


Seattle, WA

Africa Mama
DESCRIPTION: This African clothing boutique also features large selection of inexpensive, colorful sarongs, cards, sculptures, masks, clothes, candles, incense and small gifts; you’ll also like the helpful staff
DAYS & HOURS: daily 10a-10p
ADDRESS: 1833 Broadway  MAP

PARKING: on street
PHONE: 206-722-7785

Carol's Essentials
DESCRIPTION: Featuring Africana books, cards, collectibles, calendars, Kwanzaa supplies
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Sat 11a-7p
ADDRESS: 1106 23rd Ave  MAP

PARKING: on street
PHONE: 206-322-9390

Pike Place Market
DESCRIPTION: Three shops within the market have particular interest to African American shoppers: Charlotte's Web carries Black Heritage Figurines such as All God's Children, Ebony Visions by Thomas Blackshear, Sarah's Attic, Annie Lee's Sass & Class, Daddy Long Legs; Grandma's Attic carries Black Dolls, Christmas ornaments, statues, collectibles, Miss Nelly Dolls, limited edition Jazz Collection; Hands of the World carries Shona sculptures, African masks, instruments, and arts purchased from local craftspeople
ADDRESS: 1501 Pike Place, 3rd & 4th Level  MAP

PARKING: on street and nearby lots
PHONE: Charlotte's Web 206-292-9849, Grandma's Attic 206-682-9281, Hands of the World, 206-622-1696

Tacoma, WA

Afrikan Marketplace & Book Center

DESCRIPTION: THE Black bookstore in Tacoma; over 4,000 square featuring books, cards, gifts, African instruments; Tue-Sat Noon-7p, but good to call in advance in case of special events; the owner, a former high school teacher and book author, has also created Ask For Help, a youth teaching program of great significance; African film festival every Friday at 7p
ADDRESS: 1314 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way  MAP

PARKING: on street
PHONE: 253-572-8186

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