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Journey Gallery in Northwest African American Museum; credit Jennifer Richard


Seattle, WA


Northwest African American Museum
DESCRIPTION: Opened in 2008 in a restored school building, the museum invites you to explore what it means to be African American in the Pacific Northwest from the early 20th century to today; The Journey Gallery takes visitors on a fascinating journey through space and time, introducing the history, culture, and art of the region’s African American Community using a mix of photos, artifacts and compelling narratives; "The Corner", a community storytelling project about change in Seattle’s Central District. From 2009-2010 a monumental public art installation displayed larger-than-life portraits of neighbors on a vacant lot at 23rd and Union in Seattle; “Checking Our Pulse" exhibit focuses on health in the local African American community

ADMISSION: Adults $6, Students/Seniors $6, Children FREE

DAYS & HOURS: Wed, Fri 11a-4:30p; Thu 11a-7p; Sat 11a-4p; Sun 12p-4p

ADDRESS: 2300 South Massachusetts Street  MAP

PARKING: on street

PHONE: 206-518-6000


Douglass-Truth Library
DESCRIPTION: Named in 1975 for Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass; the library has the largest collection of its kind in the region with over 8,000 items in its collection on the African American experience in Pacific Northwest; this robust collection consists of books, magazines, newspapers, videos, clipping and picture files; rare microfiche, unique 500 volume reference collection of children's books with Black characters; Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority helped the collection grow from 352 items to more than 8,000 items; portraits of Paul Robeson, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, Asa Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkens, Whitney Young, and Fannie Lou Hamer line the walls; review rare historical maps and books of Africa


DAYS & HOURS: Sun 1p-5p, Mon-Thu 10a-9p, Fri-Sat 10a-6p

ADDRESS: 2300 East Yesler Way  MAP

PARKING: on street

PHONE: 206-684-4704


Jimmy Hendrix Monument
DESCRIPTION: A life-size, on bended knee monument to the world's most influential guitarist, Jimi Hendrix who has over 50 books written about him; Are you Experienced?

DAYS & HOURS: daily

ADDRESS: Broadway at East Pine Street  MAP

Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center
DESCRIPTION: This cultural performing arts center under the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation has nurtured, presented and preserved African American performing arts and cultural programs since 1972; recent programs include  "Callejon," an original bilingual musical based on Afro-Peruvian dances and rhythms; and "Hip Hop: Back to its Roots"; call or check website for current event schedule


DAYS & HOURS: Mon–Fri 9a–5p (reopening Spring 2011)

ADDRESS: 104 17th Ave South  MAP

PARKING: on street

PHONE: 206-684-4757


Nu Black Arts West Theatre
DESCRIPTION: The original Black Arts West Theatre was founded in 1969-1972. When Model cities purchased the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center building in 1972, it was with the intention of housing the theatre company. However, the transaction for purchase became too time consuming, and the then thriving black community theatre moved into what ultimately became its landmark; a community theatre that features touring shows, including Dark Divas, Who Am I?, The Tribute and Voices of Harlem Renaissance; drama, dance and music classes available; call for performance schedule and venues; sometimes performs at the Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center

ADDRESS: changing venues, so call or check the website

PHONE: 206-329-3328


Edwin T Pratt Park and Fine Arts Center
DESCRIPTION: Named for civil rights leader and Metropolitan Seattle Urban League President, Edwin T. Pratt who was slain by a white extremist; a 5 acre park and arts facility; center hosts various art exhibits

DAYS & HOURS: Reception: 8:30a–10p, 7 days a week except Holidays

ADDRESS: 1902 South Main Street  MAP

PARKING: on street

PHONE: 206-328-2200


Tacoma, WA

African American Museum

DESCRIPTION: Organized in 1993; the museum has served nearly 500,000 visitors since its founding; the only institution of its kind in the Pacific Northwest; museum owns 5,000 artifacts and hundreds of written and oral histories; exhibits include "Service With Honor: The Role of African-Americans in the Military," "Extraordinary Leaders: The African-American Mayors of Washington State", and "Washington State's African-American Pioneers", "The Man Named King", "The Splendor of Africa: A Look At Traditions", "African American Newspapers of Washington State: 1850-1920," and "Women of Achievement"; call in advance to schedule  a tour


ADDRESS: 925 Court C  MAP

Afrikan Market Place
DESCRIPTION: Featuring Afrikan Book Center plus research facilities; the emporium provides a selection of holistic products, body oils, incense, food supplements, jewelry, statues, fabric, masks, posters, incense and a large selection of children’s books

DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Sat Noon-7p

ADDRESS: 1314 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way  MAP

PARKING: on street

PHONE: 253-572-8186



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