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Pittsburgh is one of only two American cities with funicular railways (locals call them “Inclines”) that transport you up and down a steep hills. An old, exciting way to transport up and down hills while getting a tourist view of downtown Pittsburgh.  There are two inclines in operation:

Monongahela Incline
: Across the street from Station Square you’ll find an odd-looking transportation conveyance built in 1869 and operated today by the Port Authority of Allegheny County as one of Pittsburgh’s two operating funiculars. The Monongahela Incline runs 635 feet, is steeper (35 percent grade) and shorter than the other; nevertheless, you can feel pretty safe riding since it‘s major restoration in 1994; inexpensive to ride

Duquesne Incline headed down the hill


Duquesne Incline: Built in 1877, this 400-feet funicular was privately owned, publicly accessible and operates one mile west of the Monongahela Incline; it was saved from extinction by a group of neighborhood preservationists in the early 1960s and retains its original Victorian passenger cars; it provides the best view of Point State Park and a better perspective of the downtown skyline facing west; inexpensive to ride


Gateway Clipper
See the sights from the water on board the Gateway Clipper fleet of riverboats; cruises began in 1958, as the Gateway Clipper Fleet became a prime symbol of Pittsburgh's river renaissance; when cruises began Pittsburgh had its well-deserved smoky air rivers unfit for fish image; today the city enjoys clearer skies than Atlanta, DC or Houston and fish have returned to all 3 rivers; the 5 ship Gateway Clipper Fleet gives you picturesque views of all three framed by lush foliage and award-winning downtown architecture

ADDRESS: 125 West Station Square Drive  MAP

PHONE: 412-355-7980


Gateway River Belle next to Point Park Fountain


Just Ducky! Tours
This World War II amphibious vehicle is equally at home driving the streets of Pittsburgh or navigating the city’s three rivers; fun for all ages, the tour provides a history lesson along with scenic views

ADDRESS: 125 West Station Square Drive  MAP

PHONE: 412-402-3825


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