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   Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) opened in 1950 with 14 regular students and seven faculty members and the first president, Dr. J. H. White. The college offered the Bachelor of Science degree in 14 areas and provided Extension Services. In 1964, the name was changed to Mississippi Valley State College was authorized to offer Liberal Arts, Science and Education degrees. Emphasis was also placed upon training in pre-professional and technical areas.

   The second President, Dr. E. A. Boykins, took the helm in 1971. In 1974, Governor William A. Waller signed into law a bill granting university status to the Institution, which led to its name change to Mississippi Valley State University.

   The University opened its Graduate Program in 1976. The third President, Dr. Joe L. Boyer, took office in 1982. Dr. William W. Sutton became the fourth President of the University in 1988. Dr. Lester C. Newman became the fifth president of Mississippi Valley State University. The Greenville Center, off campus site of MVSU, opened January 2001.



   Mississippi Valley State University is located in Leflore County, one mile northeast of Itta Bena, adjacent to U.S. Highway 82 on 450 acres. In the heart of the Delta, the nearest small town is 5 miles away. Jackson is approximately 100 miles south and Memphis is 120 miles north.

   Today MVSU offers Master's degrees in Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Environmental Health, and Teaching. Mississippi Valley State University is a primarily a regional public institution for the Delta region in Mississippi.

   The Delta Devils football team and includes one notable alum, the all-time leading NFL receiver, Jerry Rice.


ADDRESS: 14000 Highway 82 West, Itta Bena, MS
PHONE: 662-254-9041

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