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Kansas City nightclub marquees at American Jazz Museum



    How can a city, once so bawdy it attracted the top gangsters, transform itself into “Best Place to Raise a Family” in just a few decades? In a word, “Location.” Kansas City is the most centrally located major American city. A second response is that the central location attracted so many businesses and entrepreneurs, they overshadowed gangsters to eventually create solid communities and public attractions. Over the years, skyscrapers in Downtown Kansas City, the eye-catching Kansas City Convention Center, shops, hotels, restaurants, and performing arts centers converge to form a city, that is in many ways, the heart of America.

    In public-private partnership, a $7 billion renaissance is reenergizing the city and transportation infrastructure making KC a better a place to visit, live and play. New developments spearheaded by Kansas City Power & Light District, Sprint Center basketball arena, College Basketball Experience, National World War I Museum, CoCo Key Indoor Water Resort,
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Advertising Icon Museum and the expanded Nelson Atkins Museum of Art are linking downtown offices, the convention center, hotels, residences and attractions into a cohesive whole. With all the excitement, thousands of urban professionals are moving back downtown.

    No Mountain. No Beach. No Problem. Kansas Citians enjoy a cost of living lower than most and a diverse economy. Kansas City seemingly has as many magnificent fountains as Paris. Arts and entertainment options range from internationally famous art museums, theater, symphony, opera, ballet, and many professional sports teams. Enjoy outdoor concerts and numerous parks. If you’re not vegetarian, you must enjoy the best beef barbeque and all the secret sauces that come with ‘em.

    Kansas City is home to the American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, both in the historic 18th & Vine Jazz district. The former museum speaks to the days when Kansas City was one of the centers of the Jazz world. It still has a fair number of jazz clubs. The latter museum speaks to the Negro Leagues Baseball Era before 1950, when the Kansas City Monarchs, with all-stars Satchel Paige and Buck Leonard, won a lot more than they lost. Afrocentric attractions include the must-see Bruce Watkins Cultural Center, the historic Gem Theater, a landmark monument to the Jazz legend Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, Buffalo Soldiers National Monument and much more.

    That’s all good news, but at the end of the day, dazzling fountains, Jazz and barbeque will remain Kansas City's signatures for the world to recognize. You will see, hear and taste them everywhere.

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