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The Call Newspaper headquarters, Kansas City



Hot 103 Jazz Brunch Line
PHONE: 816-763-1052

Jazz Hotline
Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors and Phoenix Bar & Grill

PHONE: 816-753-5277

Bi-State Committee for the Preservation of Sacred African American Sites

Kansas City, Missouri

PHONE: 816-421-5661

Black Chamber of Commerce
1501 East 18th Street; Kansas City

PHONE: 816-474-9901


NAACP Kansas City
Kansas City, MO

PHONE: 816-421-1191

Urban League Kansas City
1710 The Paseo

PHONE: 816-471-0550




The Call Newspaper

Kansas City’s oldest Black newspaper was founded in 1919; The Call supported and was supported by Kansas City’s great jazz era; for example in 1937 the Call featured ads from an astounding 80 different jazz clubs in the city

ADDRESS: 1715 East 18th Street

PHONE: 816-842-3804

Kansas City Black Pages
The Business Connection to the Black Community

ADDRESS: 1601 East 18th, Suite 315

PHONE: 816-421-0400

A free copy of nightclubs throughout Kansas City, published by Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors

Radio Stations

  90.1 FM  KKFI  - Blues, Gospel, Jazz , Reggae, World Music
103.3 FM  KPRS - Hip Hop, Old & New School R&B
106.5 FM  KCIY  - Jazz
107.3 FM  KNRX - Old & New School  R&B, Tom Joyner Morning Show

   890 AM  KGGN - Gospel , Sunday sermons, Talk

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