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Lenny & Linda Dorsey of jetski in Cable Beach


Cable Beach

Its really the largest resort area on the west side of the island. Visitors love its many white sand beaches listed below. Most beaches have a variety of recreational activities to enjoy as well and are considered "Activity Beaches."

Goodman’s Bay
Just before entering the resort area of Cable Beach is Goodman’s Bay, another popular beach that is outfitted with restrooms and recreational facilities for children. Joggers and exercise enthusiasts frequently use this beach to workout.

Saunders Beach
Located just east of the resort area of Cable Beach and is a very popular beach for both Bahamians and visitors. It is lined by grand casuarina trees and provides a beautiful view at twilight as one approaches the beach.

Orange Hill Beach
Just west of Cable Beach is Orange Hill Beach, which runs about a half mile along the coast.

Delaporte Beach
Delaporte Beach is another beautiful beach just West of Cable Beach

near the small village of Delaporte, a former plantation.

Western Esplanade
Site for the annual Spring Break activities and on Saturday, one can find Bahamians hosting “cook-outs” and other fundraising activities on the street level of the beach

just a few minutes from the cruise ship dock near downtown

Pink Sands, Harbour Island
Small picture perfect island known for its magnificent pink sand beaches makes a perfect day trip; it was the first capital of the Bahamas; tropical gardens interspersed between quaint one and two bedroom cottages are available should you decide to stay overnight; freshwater pool, tennis courts, exercise studio and two restaurants; lounge on a three mile stretch of what is arguably the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas

Board on Bay Street, Downtown

Ardastra Gardens & Conservation Centre
Jungle, gardens, and home to hundreds of beautiful endangered animals; nearly 300 guests form the largest collection of Bahamian land animals in the world on 5 1/2 acres; similar San Diego Zoo, it informs people and manages captive breeding programs for native endangered species; you must see the world famous marching flamingos while here

daily 9a-5p


Crystal Cay Marine Park
An exquisite opportunity for landlubbers to experience the natural adventure of aquatic life without getting wet; a 16 acre marine park and underwater observatory provides a variety pleasurable encounters for all ages; the 360 degree tank with 8 foot glass windows give a great view of colorful coral, brilliant tropical fish and exotic marine life; the shark tank, stingray pool, and sea turtles should not be missed

between Cable Beach and downtown Nassau


Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island
Home of "Flipper"; after you take the 20 minute scenic boat ride touring dolphin sanctuary book any of the unforgettable experiences: "Swim with the Dolphins" a 30 minute experience that will evoke a lifetime of memories when you stroke and pet them; "The Close Encounter" 3 hour experience with boat rides, entertaining talk and then gather round waist deep water and interact with them; "Assistant Trainer for a Day"; also offers a thrilling, educational experience with dolphins; you can spend all day here; close encounter trainer includes certificate-T-shirt and lunch; prices range from $40-$195, major credit cards ok; open daily; board on Marina Drive, west bridge on Paradise Island; 242-363-1003 or 363-1653

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