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Strolling along the beach in Magens Bay


Coral World Ocean Park
Voted top attraction in the Virgin Islands, this marine complex features a three-story underwater observation tower 100 feet offshore; inside, you'll view sea sponges, tropical fish, coral, and other aquatic creatures in their natural state; one 80,000-gallon reef tank features exotic marine life of the Caribbean; another tank presents sharks and giant moray eels common to the Caribbean Sea; the best time to visit is during daily fish and shark feedings; if you feel more adventurous, purchase a full-immersion Sea Trek experience via helmet and a breathing tube tethered to an air source at the observatory tower while you stroll in 18 feet of water -- its the equivalent of Scuba diving for 20 minutes; reservations are required, so call ahead or visit website
ADDRESS: 6450 Estate Smith Bay
PHONE: 340-775-1555

Magens Bay
Hailed as one of the world's most beautiful, this breathtaking bay along St. Thomas' rugged north coast is ideal for sunbathing, walking, picnicing and swimming; it is known for its extraordinary white sand beach stretching nearly a mile; tour from the turquoise waters and beautiful white sand, to the palm arboretum; the bay's northwest exposure means its waters are usually calm, excluding the winter months. The sandy bottom means snorkeling is of limited interest; Magens Bay was previously owned by Arthur Fairchild, who gave most of it as a gift to the St. Thomas and St. John in 1943, for use as a public park.
ADMISSION: $4 for visitors & small parking fee

Hull Bay
How is a bay both large and cozy? This one strikes a delicate balance on the north shore of the island, next to Magens Bay, quiet little beach with calm waters; people that enjoy spending few hours sunbathing, swimming or taking a sunbath and watching local St. Thomas fishermen in their small fishing boats, hanging nets to dry and landing their catch of the day; it is said that many of the fishermen are descendants of settlers from Haiti and other French colonies who fled to St. Thomas more than 200 years ago; a local restaurant is nearby with restrooms, bathrooms and mild entertainment

Drake's Seat
The vantage point where Sir Francis Drake was supposed to have looked for enemy ships of the Spanish fleet, this lookout. One of the island's best lookouts, Drake's Seat offers a panoramic view of Magens Bay and the U. S. and British Virgin Islands to the east. Explorer Sir Francis Drake is said to have kept watch on his fleet from this vantage point, marked by a seat across the road from the parking area.

Mangrove Lagoon
The southeast coast is endowed with the attractive and protected Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary & Marine Life; an attractive and protected area with spectacular Manglar islands, rocky cliffs, clear waters, sea grass beds and salt ponds provide rich habitats for reef fish and other marine life as well as many birds; a great attraction for kayakers meander in calm waters while enjoying the company of egrets, herons and ducks; some people snorkel here as well

Bluebeard's Beach
Often seen first by arriving cruise ships, Bluebeard's Castle on the eastern edge of the beach is a historic site; it overlooks the harbor and Charlotte Amalie; legend says, a Frenchman, Giles de Rais, became the infamous pirate Bluebeard in the late 1600s, when he picked this location to construct a watch tower on the hilltop for his love Mercedita; perhaps there was more to it than love, that vantage point enabled him to view all directions in case the Spanish invaders came; strangely, in 1689, the Danes built the tower as watchtower to aid the defenses of Fort Christian; so one doesn't know who to believe; either one its nice tale best told over cocktails; today Bluebeard Beach features a modern resort dashed with history to make it the prefect gateway; this tranquil and uncrowded beach is ideal for windsurfing, snorkeling, sailboarding or for simply watching the sailboats go by

American Yacht Harbor
Features everything all the amenities you'd need or want for for a comfortable stay in the in St. Thomas; some captain's also charter day trips here

Coki Beach
Enjoy incredible beach-snorkeling and mix with the locals; located next to Coral World, where you can snorkel rentals, scuba lessons, or simply swimming and relaxing; lockers and showers are available; included in the marine park are the Tropical Terrace Restaurant, duty-free shops, and a nature trail; parking could be improved

Seven Arches Museum
Once a Danish residence, it was built in the 19th century featuring seven arches to support the staircase; today it continues to be a residence as well as a museum filled with West Indian mahogany furniture and other antiques.

Mahogany Run Golf Course
A championship par-70, 18-hole, 6,000 yard golf course, designed by George and Tom Fazio on the north coast; overlooks the ocean with sweeping views of the island in the backdrop perhaps the most spectacular view is had at the 14th hole of Mahogany Run perched 200 feet above a rocky inlet from the Atlantic Ocean and commanding a view of the sea and neighboring British Virgin Islands also a popular venue for dining events and weddings
ADDRESS: Northside
PHONE: 340-777-6250

Fort Christian
In 1672, Jorgen Iversen led an expedition from Denmark to St. Thomas; once here, he led construction of Fort Christian, named after Danish King Christian V; by 1676, builders had completed the fort's outer walls and placed a three-story oval tower in the courtyard against the north curtain. Trygborg, as the tower was named, had gun platforms on its two upper stories and roof; it saw several battles, until it was demilitarized during the 1870s; after the military departed, it served as police headquarters; in later years, Trygborg tower and much of the first was demolished; the present Gothic revival structure, with its three-tiered tower, was built between the northeast and northwest bastions to replace the demolished north curtain

Brewer's Bay
Take the West End to Brewer’s Bay, known for being busy on weekends; usually has calm waters and you can see turtles; close to the University of Virgin Islands and 5 minutes from the airport; this lovely white-sand beach is popular with the locals


Blackbeard's Castle
Once the 17th-century Fort Skytsborg, Blackbeard’s Castle was re-named for the pirate who frequently visited the island. This watchtower, originally named Skytsborg (Sky Tower) by the Danes, was built in 1679; According to legend, the infamous pirate Edward Teach, nicknamed Blackbeard, used the tower to watch for ships entering the harbor; Charlotte Amalie; tour cost is $14

Haagensen House
One of the most beautiful interiors at Blackbeard's, the house is located in the old slave quarters of the estate; a restored 18th-century Danish house with a collection of West Indian antiques; located in Charlotte Amalie

Morningstar Beach
Its a quiet spot to lounge at a beach bar, soak up the sun or enjoy water sports; rent a beach umbrella if you seek some relief from the blazing tropical sun. The pretty turquoise water deepens quickly and often has mild waves. It is wonderful for cooling off and for enjoying a nice swim. In some areas the bottom is made of course sand and tiny pebbles which somewhat discourages wading along in the water; located on the South Coast

Main Street
Downtown main street has over 300 hundreds duty-free stores that you can shop at; get great deals on perfumes, jewelry, alcohol, cameras, tablecloths, T-shirts, souvenir, and clothing. Our tour includes 2 hours shopping spree at down town main street St. Thomas; Dronningens Gade or Main Street is the major artery and famous street where many of the unique and glamorous shops; shop at Rolex, Del Sol, Charlotte Amalie and more

99 Steps
Residents of Charlotte Amalie have used these 99 steps (actually 103 steps) built by the Danes to conveniently climb up and down the steep hills since the 1700s. The bricks used to construct the steps were brought from Denmark as ballast in the holds of trading ships; of course, one is rewarded with both exercise and fabulous views with each step climbed.

Butterfly Garden
During your 25 minute tour, knowledgeable guides entertain you with fascinating trivia about the life cycle of this charming creatures as they change from eggs to caterpillars into spectacular butterflies through the miracle of metamorphosis; wear bright colors and perfumed lotions to attract the butterflies; morning visits display the most activity as new butterflies take their first flight.
Admission Fee: $15 Adults, 9 for Children
Days & Hours: daily 8:30a-4p Nov-Apr, hours vary May-Oct
PHONE: 340-715-3366
ADDRESS: 9016 Havensight Mall

Paradise Point Tramway
Owner description: Come enjoy Carnival shows, daily cultural events, crab races, nature trail, mini zoo, and spectacular views at Paradise; located on the South Coast;
ADDRESS: Havensight Mall
DAYS & HOURS: daily 9a-4:30p
ADMISSION: Adults: $21





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